The Practice

The practice of life coaching, mindfulness and more…

We propose a variety of life coaching and related techniques to achieve bliss.

We understand the research of bliss as an interdisciplinary experience aimed to create a transformation in the human being as an all. As such body, mind and soul are treated in an holistic way, as a unit.

The techniques we are ready to share will be customised to meet your needs, to remove blockages and overcome barriers to bliss first ad then to maintain it.

Through this techniques you will be able to remove the obstacles in your way to bliss, fulfil your repressed emotions, achieve optimum levels of positive energy and boost your untapped potential.

Practises may include, or may not, some of the following activities;

Qi gong



Energy balance



We will start practising as a game, no commitments will be set or specific results shall be expected, transformation itself shall guide you to the right combination of techniques to perfecting the experience.

Are you ready to play the bliss transformation game?

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