Is Tantra the new Yoga

Tantra is getting more attention in mainstream media and this leads us to ask ourselves if Tantra is the new Yoga in western society.
Traditional Buddhists know Tantra as the Secret Mantra and consider it a manual to comply and achieve what Buda states in his Sutra.
And this is what Tantra is, a manual to achieve well-being and bliss.
In fact, Yoga means can take on meanings such as “connection”, “contact”, “union”, “method”, “application”, “addition” and “performance” and there are many different styles of yogic practice.
From this meaning we can accept that Tantra is the highest from of Yogic practice, designed to integrate body, mind, spirit, and sex.
Traditionally the primary motivation to western yoga practitioners is the well-being through a connection in body, mind, and spirit. Tantra add bliss into the equation.
Meditation practitioners know that there is no separation between meditation and life activity, Tantra teaches us that there is no separation between sexual practice and spiritual practice, and ultimately there is no separation between the earthly and the divine.
True connection of body and spirit can only be achieved through embracing the human experience in its entirety, this ideally should include our sexual experiences.
Why is Tantra so popular?
Because sexual intercourse is in fact a physical union practice, it makes an incredible amount of sense to approach it as a form of Yoga to make the experience of connection even more ecstatic, fulfilling, and profound. And because every day more people understand the healing power of sex.
The wisdom of Tantric practice is gravely needed in today’s world as the power of sexuality is, the healing power of sex.
It is through healing ourselves through the daily, weekly, month and yearly practice of these methods brings bliss to our life and help us realize the inner peace and joyful pleasure for the benefit and welfare of all beings on this planet.