Completeness and balance comes when you reach the point where there is no temptation left.

Try to understand it. Temptation never comes from without: it is the repressed desire, repressed energy, repressed sex, repressed greed that creates temptation.

temptation-apple-and-snakeTemptation comes from within you, it has nothing to do with the without. It is not that a devil comes and tempts you, it is your own repressed mind that becomes devilish and wants to take revenge. To control that mind one has to remain so cold and frozen that no life energy is allowed to move into your limbs, into your body. If energy is allowed to move, those repressions will surface. That’s why people have learned how to be cold, how to touch others and yet not touch them, how to see people and yet not see them.

Be aware, be concious, accept your temptations as part of yourself without guilt or shame then you’ll be balanced and complete.

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