Improve your vital experience through life coaching, mindfulness and more…

The Inner Alchemy Studio is here to offer life coaching, guidance and sanctuary for those willing to improve the life experience in the ongoing process of physical, psychological and socio-cultural well-being achievement through conscious inner transformation of your self being.

Mallorca possibly offers the best location in Europe for sharing life coaching and the practice of some instrumental techniques to transform negative emotions into positive with great doses of humility and love, without guilt and shameless. lady with flowers

Society, culture and modern life-style lead us to accumulate a number of very distressing experiences causing disturbance in normal functioning, creating barriers to self-development and growth.

Bliss is the emotion derived from experiencing pleasurable sensations, it has been probed to have a powerful effect in our psychological and physic health as well in the way we interact with others.

Your life experience may be just as good as you know yourself; life coaching will encourage fresh thinking and raise self awareness, bringing personal self directive problem solving and decision making.

Based in both ancient and modern knowledge the techniques we’ll share will be customised to your unique needs for the achievement of breakthrough results. However, to achieve the transformation or alchemy process searched we still needing to focus on experience not in knowledge or understanding.

Accepting that the brain is another element and not the centre is the first step. Action become essential when consciousness must be pushed down to the source, to the roots.

Come and practice with with us. Yes, it is great fun!!

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